90 Year Old Cake Smash

To celebrate my nan turning 90 in a couple weeks I always wanted to do a photoshoot. This special, little, old lady of mine who I get to call my nan is the sweetest human I know... so I wanted to make it really special!

She had no idea what was planned for her in secret. My brother picked her up for lunch, but when she arrived to my home studio and saw the streamers, confetti, balloons, cake and the huge smile on my face she knew we weren't going out to lunch.

We started the shoot dressed in a tutu and tiara with a French themed breakfast:

 - Home made madelines (thank-you to my hubby for making these delicious french cakes fresh the night before)

 - Coffee served in my Great Grand Mother's Royal Albert tea set (which my nana gifted to me on my Wedding day. This tea set is possibly one of my favourite things I own and was actually the inspiration for the current branding of Pardon my French Photography). 

 - French Champagne from Pommery... Nan wasn't too sure about the Champagne but she owned it like a boss and got tipsy off of half a glass (she NEVER drinks).

This was Nan's first time wearing a tutu, eating red velvet cake and drinking French Champagne... You're never too old to try new things!!! :D

After breakfast we proceeded to the Cake Smash... which was one of the cutest things I've ever seen! We had retro tunes playing and Nan was being so delicate... her mannerisms had my brother and I in stitches laughing! To get her in FULL CAKE SMASH MODE we got nan to smash the cake into my brother's face... the idea at the time was awesome... but the clean up sucked! 

Once we finished the cake smash and cleaned up we went through some old photo albums. We stopped on two photos; one of Nan on her Wedding day when she was only 18 years old... and one of grandpa in his Army Uniform from WWII around the same age. Nan and I got dressed in some gorgeous ball gowns, vintage fur and pearls and went to the park down the road for some portraits. I could not have wished for these photos to have turned out any better... thank-you to my husband for learning to use the Camera and letting me boss him around while he took these pics. I LOVE THEM!!!! 

Hope you enjoyed looking at the pics from Nan's birthday celebration as much as I enjoyed taking the pics!!! Love Brigitte x x 

Session shot using Canon Body EOS 5D Mark iii + Canon Lens 24-70mm f/2.8