You will never forget the first moment you laid eyes on your daughter or the first time you heard your son cry. These are truly magical moments. As much as we hope and pray they will stay little forever, they grow up anyway. Those first few weeks seem to fly by and each moment becomes a fleeting memory.  

THE APPROACH: Flexible and Fun! Newborn sessions are best booked during your second trimester to avoid missing out and your session ideally takes place within your baby's first two weeks of life.  Shoots are done within the Pardon my French home studio located in Highbury. Sessions take two to four hours and include beanbag poses, styled newborn portraits, family and sibling poses. 

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THE WORK:  Newborn safety is paramount in all sessions. Brigitte is a Midwife and is trained in Newborn Life support and basic first aid. She works with an assistant to ensure the safety of baby and is up to date on all immunisations. To ensure the best end-product Pardon my French have also invested in locally and Internationally sourced props, handmade blankets, bonnets and wraps which are used for all sessions. Our photos get the full treatment post production with evening of baby's skin tone, reducing jaundice, removal of baby acne and removal of dry skin and making composites if required. Birth marks are left untouched unless specifically requested.

REPUTATION: “Brigitte is such a talented photographer, with a relaxed and flexible approach which made what could have been a nightmare photo shoot with an 18 month old toddler and newborn very enjoyable! Not only is she fantastic with kids, her photos really capture the true personalities in our family. We couldn’t be happier! Thanks Brigitte, we will highly recommend PMF photography to our friends!!” - Laura

FROM THE PHOTOGRAPHER: "There is nothing more precious than a newborn! I love everything about them; from their tiny fingers to their weenie toes, their little eyelashes and the way they can curl their body as if still inside mum. Newborn safety is paramount to my sessions and I will always put baby's safety first."

Contact Brigitte today for a full price list and information booklet. 

Clients typically spent between $850-$1200 on their newborn experience.